Using the arborists.com.au directory is free and simple. Find the region where you live. Browse the category of the work that you need and choose from the quality local tree service companies nearby. Alternatively, enter your location and your needs in the search field. You can also search for a company by name. Remember to tell any tree service company you saw their listing on arborists.com.au to get the best service.

Highly-rated businesses are the best businesses on the arborists.com.au directory. They have at least ten reviews with an excellent overall rating (80%+). At least one review must less than six months old. These businesses have the proven ability to serve their customers by providing high-quality tree trimming and removal services along with excellent customer service.

Find the tree service business that performed the work by searching for it. Click on the name to open its web page. Choose the “Rate This Business” button. Choose your rating level and enter any comments to complete your review.

The successful members, registered with the arborists.com.au directory, benefit from increased customer leads, improved customer loyalty, and experience dynamic growth of their business.

arborists.com.au has a sophisticated security directory to protect against any misuse of the directory. To give a rating, a customer must enter their email for verification. Ratings are only published in the directory after email verification. Email and IP addresses are monitored for excessive activity. Multiple fake ratings from the same person are identified and then removed to block misuse.

arborists.com.au takes the responsibility of reporting accurate customer ratings very seriously. If a rating is negative, we will contact the person to ask for verification proof, such as an invoice, to show that they actually had the work done. Negative ratings about work that is not verified will not be posted on the directory.

If a negative rating is verified, it will be posted in the directory. We allow our registered members the chance to remedy the situation to the customer’s satisfaction and to publish their response to any criticism. We encourage our customers and our members to be fair, honest, and responsible when dealing with each other.

Nobody expects any business to be perfect. Dealing with complaints, in a professional way, is helpful to show the public that a business operates with sincerity about good customer service. If a real problem exists, such as having a bad worker, then a business should immediately fix it. Negative ratings have less weight when they are followed by many positive ones.

The arborists.com.au directory displays the most recent ratings first. If a business gets a bad rating then it should make a concerted effort to get newer, better ones. Reach out and ask happy customers to give you a rating on arborists.com.au. Good ratings are the best way to replace older, bad ones.

Often, it is only a few dissatisfied customers that give ratings. Customers, who had an excellent experience, need to be encouraged to report it on the arborists.com.au directory. Be proactive and reach out to your best customers. Ask for a rating by email.

Some businesses on the arborists.com.au directory give customers a reward, like a discount coupon on their next tree services, for making a rating. This helps encourage customers to make ratings.

Potential new customers, who are web visitor to the arborists.com.au website, pay more attention to newer ratings than to older ones. The greater the number of positive ratings received by your company, the better your overall rating score will be.

Just send us an email request and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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